Monday, 11 June 2012

Conference Funding Opportunities in Bioinformatics

Following on from my previous post about applying for travel funding for conferences, I thought I’d do a bit of research into where you can get travel money as a Postdoc or Phd student.  And then I thought I’d share some of the results.


The International Society for Computational Biology has a number of travel fellowships for all its major conferences.
  • Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing (PSB)
  • Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology (RECOMB)
  • Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB)
  • European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB)
  • APBioNet's International Conference on Computational Biology (InCoB).

A number of conferences are also eligible for the Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC) travel fellowship program
  • ISMB
  • Rocky
  • ISCB-Africa
  • ISCB-Asia
  • ISCB-Latin America

ColdSprings Harbour Conferences 

Funding is available for meeting arranged by Cold Springs Harbour, more details can be got from 

Societa di BioinfomaticaItaliana 

The Italian Bioinformatics society provides travel grants for members up to 35 years old to attend its annual meeting.  Priority is given to people who haven’t had one before.

It’s possible you have to be Italian to take this one up!


The European Molecular Biology Laboratory provides Registration Fee Fellowships for a number of their conferences and courses.    They are primarily for participants from countries in need of ‘scientific strengthening’.

International Conference on Bioinformaticsof Genome Regulation and Structure/Systems Biology

This Russian based conference provides travel funding for participants under 35 years old.  However, you also have to be a Russian citizen to qualify.

IEEE InternationalConference Bioinformatics & Biomedicine 

In 2011 travel grants of up to $US 800 were given by the National Science Foundation (NSF)  to 28 students. Unfortunately, this one isn’t available to Postdocs.

Feel free to add anything you know about that I've missed in my very quick search.

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