Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Back in 2010, dunkin’ donuts carried out a survey in the US to find out which professions need the most coffee to get through the day.

These are the results:
  1. Nurses 
  2.  Physicians
  3. Hotel workers
  4. Designers/Architects
  5. Financial/Insurance sales representatives 
  6. Food preparers 
  7. Engineers 
  8. Teachers 
  9. Marketing/Public Relations professionals 
  10. Scientists 
  11. Machine operators 
  12. Government workers

I couldn't find a comparative survey in the UK, but I have a feeling that tea definitely clouds the issue.
Nurses in particular are definitely all about the tea (my girlfriend being a nurse, I know about these sort of things).  This may be due to the disgusting coffee available in the NHS.

The other point I found interesting was that scientists were only 10th.  Maybe they just looking in industry.  In academia I would suggest it was way higher!


  1. I've recently seen this years version and scientists now come top. Seems much more likely!

  2. Not surprised that teachers figure highly - I would think the only thing not making them even higher is that lots of schools won't allow hot drinks in the classroom (H&S)