Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Thinking about the next step

So I'm 2 weeks in to this postdoc, which means I pretty much have to start thinking about the next step now.  It seems slightly ridiculous, but I felt I left it too long to start thinking about it during my last postdoc, and its possible that this job may only be 1 or 2 years long anyway.

So what is the next step? I'm on my 2nd postdoc.  Two seems fairly justifiable to me, particularly since I've moved to a really great lab in the US for the second one (where I'm hoping to pump out a lot of papers).  Three would probably be less justifiable...

So this leaves three options a) Lecturship b) Fellowship c) Doing something else.
Lets throw c away now, I'm not ready to contemplate that yet (although one day I might).

When I was looking at postdoc jobs this time around, I did a bit of looking at Lecturing jobs too.  The issue with these seems to be money, in that you need to have had some of your own to be seriously considered, which excluding a small travel grant, I haven't.   Which leads us onto Fellowships.  An enormous unknown for me, its hard to even know where to start really, although I guess by seeing what I'm even eligible for.

A quick look around the internet showed a big lack of information about applying for Fellowships written by people who have do it.  There are quite a lot of pages written by specific universities on their policies, but not much about the experience.  Does anyone know of any links?  I'll continue to document here anyway.

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